What makes Laughing Language Learner courses unique? 

  • Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling method utilized (TPRS)
  • Students interact with each other and the teacher to create stories in Spanish
  • The teacher gauges understanding often--after each statement or question--and gives feedback
  • Students stay engaged by directing the subjects of the stories
  • Students hear and begin to understand Spanish from the onset of the first course
  • As students become more proficient, the stories and student responses will naturally get longer and more creative
  • Grammar is not taught from a textbook.  Students learn it just as they did when learning their first language - by using it!

 Please watch a sample video of a 

Laughing Language Learner class below.

What's New 

There will be no classes in 2015.  But you CAN watch out for new videos. They will be posted here as I have them finished.


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