What makes Laughing Language Learner courses unique? 

  • Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling method utilized (TPRS)
  • Students interact with each other and the teacher to create stories in Spanish
  • The teacher gauges understanding often--after each statement or question--and gives feedback
  • Students stay engaged by directing the subjects of the stories
  • Students hear and begin to understand Spanish from the onset of the first course
  • As students become more proficient, the stories and student responses will naturally get longer and more creative
  • Grammar is not taught from a textbook.  Students learn it just as they did when learning their first language - by using it!

 What does a Laughing Language Learner course entail?

  • Up to three hours of online instruction that includes a weekly Live classOffice hour, and Cafecito
    • Live class meetings are the primary instruction time.  During this time, students and the teacher will create a story and read a portion of the homework to be assigned for the following week. (1-hour class)
    • Office hours provide an additional opportunity for students to ask grammar, vocab, and homework questions (Optional: 1-hour)
    • Cafecito, or "little coffee," is a time for students to practice conversing in Spanish with other learners and sometimes with native speakers (Optional: 1-hour)
  • Homework generally consisting of:
    • reading a portion of a Spanish novella;
    • taking an online quiz; and,
    • watching unique video clips and occasional episodes of Destinos, an educational soap opera for students.
    • Spanish 2 and above will also write short essays.
  • Access to recordings of all class sessions, grammar questions from office hours, and Cafecito times for review and additional help
  • Online quizzes that are graded immediately upon submission
  • An easily accessible online grade book and calendar of homework assignments

 Please watch a sample video of a 

Laughing Language Learner class below and visit the 
Course Descriptions page for more information.

     Please watch this explanation video of how 

Laughing Language Learner classes are set up.

Step into our virtual classroom

If you've already signed up for Fall Term classes, this link will take you to our live classroom.

What's New 

Spring Term classes start 2/4/14.  All classes will meet on Tuesdays.  Winter Term times are as follows.  

Cafecito -- 4:30-5:30 EST
Pobre Ana -- 5:35-6:35 EST
El viaje de su vida -- 6:40-7:40 EST



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